Human friendly places

Project description
The organizer will carry out the training of personnel, so that they are able to communicate professionally with patients with disabilities and also seniors. They will be able to assess the building accessibility layout and equipment as well.
*Czech Red Cross office provides certificate to an appropriate organization and every participant for each level. *Every year CRC (as a nation-wide organization) will make the information public on its website and will provide it to relevant organizations representing particular groups of people.
Such certified objects will be marked with the logo signifying a “Human friendly place” with the number of “stars” indicating *red cross. The Red Cross logo has always been perceived and proven to be understood as a guarantee of quality, neutrality and proficiency.
The levels will be identified by the number of *Crosses 1 - 5 as follows:
  • According to accessibility for persons with partial or complete health disabilities = max. 2.
  • According to the percentage of trained personnel (30 %, 60 %, 100 %) = max. 3.
Curriculum - *training norm of Czech Red Cross 
Training is carried out by a minimum of two professional trainers/lecturers of *Czech Red Cross Organization for groups with maximum participants of 10 (security, delays). Practical training sessions are recorded and upon completion these recorded sessions are analyzed. Each participant will receive printed information material and the rules in a booklet, the organization will obtain a DVD with a video record of the training.
Certification process
The organizer will record the training process, the building assessment of accessibility and equipment of the premises. These records in conjunction with a list of all the training participants will be then forwarded to The Czech Red Cross, which will issue the Certificates. These Certificates will be numbered and will be valid for 5 years. Records of certificates for organizations and individual applicants will be filled separately.
*Economic and organizational provision 
The team of minimally two trainers equipped with the required professional training aids (blindfolds, wheelchair, etc.) and other technical equipment such as video camera. *The training lasts 2 days and is organized for a maximum of 10 applicants. 
Contact and orders
Training can be requested at the Czech Red Cross office in Hradec Králové:
   Timšel, o. so.
   Lesnická 1225/3
   150 00 Ptaha 5
   phone: +420 603 105 589 

Project Manager: Pavel Wiener, will gladly assist and provide information
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